August 27, 2014


Well good news, surprising news, totally gob-smacked news! I made it to the top 50 for Lilla Rogers’ Global Talent Search for 2014. Which is a pretty amazing feat, since 999 entrants applied from 50 countries around the world. If you are wondering about what you win…you win a two years artist representation with Lilla Roger’s and a few other things to go along with it. So here are the top 50 on Lillas’ site  and here are all the contestants.

I was so not expecting it, especially because usually  I know in my heart of hearts when I make a piece that ‘sings’, and this one steered just a little bit too far away from my normal style, mainly with colours and adding more objects, so I was not so sure about it.

Oh I tell ya, I was totally and utterly confused with my direction! I wasn’t sure if I should go down my abstract AMMIKI range or my NOMUU cute characters look, and below you will see a video showing what steps and iterations I went through to get the final piece! It took me two whole days to work on all these pieces and come to the final one. I think I was confused because of time constraints and stress. I was just going a bit crazy with it all, but it did work out in the end. But I was certainly fretting and worked on it right up till an hour before submission deadline!

The brief was a mini terrarium art print and you could target either adults or children. I guess I am lucky that I do know both of these markets quite well. Art prints are practically what I sell day in and day out. So I was lucky in that respect. I do have a little bit of inside knowledge to what people want, just through observation and feedback, but having said that, doesn’t mean I always nail it. But I always ask myself  questions like this when I am creating an art print, such as,  ‘does this look like an art print that would be suitable for walls? Does it look like an art print, or does look more like a book cover, or something that is more suitable for different surface like a journal, or a toy and lastly I ask myself would I hang this up in my own house and would I stop to buy it in a store?”


YouTube Preview Image


So anyway, halfway through my iteration process I had to have a little talk with myself and asked myself, “What do I actually want? Do I want to sell my cute characters or my abstract art? Which suits Lillas’ aesthetic more? And if I had to choose between the two mediums, which would I pick?” And I said to myself, “Easy I love doing my Nomuu characters, they touch the hearts of many people, including me”. So I went with my gut instinct in the end. I suppose I could of mixed the two together, but my brain was not really prepared to experiment with that.

Even though a lot of the iterations didn’t make the cut, I know I can go back and work on them and make some lovely pieces. This is how I work all the time, I get one project and do lots of different mock-ups. I don’t tend to work on just one design and concentrate solely on that particular design. I hop, skip and jump between designs until I start feeling something. I don’t know if it is the best approach, but it seems to work for me. I also like that I can go back at any time and rework on designs that don’t make the cut. Like for example this design here that submitted for my MATS course earlier this year, which I liked but I didn’t love. However, I had something close to this design in one of the earlier concepts and I knew this would work better to sell as a print later down the track. I didn’t submit this second one in the course, because we had a brief with colours and paper size that we had to adhere to. I then went on to create a set to work with each other which you can see here  and here 

The main thing I wish I could go back and fix is the outer background (linen area). It should of had some elements on it to make it flow better. Maybe some pattern repeats or some light leaves or something, but it is what it is!

In addition, I thought I would mention some great designs I stumbled across in the main gallery (in no particular order) that I really loved. Of course I loved the Top 50 designs, but thought I would like to give a shout out to those in the main gallery. Conrats to everyone who parcitated, you should give yourself a pat on the back!

janna krupinski

melissa iwai



claire cimbora

charlotte gale


jill ianevelyn

sarah hand

elda the

sophie qui

natalie ryan

lucy banajhi  ** Actually Lucy made the Top 50, my mistake.

nadia hassan

meera patel

Jill Howarth


Okay so now I got to get to work, on the next brief. EEK!


August 18, 2014

Giveaway Winner Nomuu 18/08/204



Congrats to Prerna Arora for winning the current giveaway 18/08/14 of Bear Girl Flying a Balloon. Please email me at so I can send this out to you! Thanks again everyone for participating, this was a record amount of entrants!

Also,  0esmeralda0  from the last giveaway is yet to claim their print. Please contact me!

August 14, 2014

Giveaway Winner 14/08/2014




Drumroll….the winners are 0esmeralda0 from Instagram and AdamnErica Sumners from Facebook. Congrats! Please email me with your postal details!

Thanks again everyone! Checkout my page tomorrow, because I am having another giveaway! It’s crazy giveaway week :)

August 11, 2014

Winner Giveaway 10/08/2014





Winner of the latest giveaway is Ohsofofo from Instagram. Congrats! Send me an email at with your postal details :)

Thanks again to everyone for participating.

July 19, 2014

Winner for 19/017/2014 Giveaway



Congrats to Lila Purdy and Christine McInerney Percy you both have been selected through Random org, because I made a mistake and only generated a 100 the first time around. So  Please contact me at so I can get your details and send out print.

Thanks again for everyone’s participation both on Facebook and Instagram. If you notice I don’t comment on posts it’s not because I don’t want to, but it makes harder for me to sort entries. I love reading all your comments :)

June 20, 2014

New Nomuu Print and AMMIKI shop up and running

art print of of painting of an abstract moon and stars with raindrops

Just wanted to mention I have a new print called ‘ Good night little one, Moon and Stars’. It comes in both A3 and A4 format at the moment in my NOMUU shop, but it can also come in larger sizes if requested. I also finally got my AMMIKI shop up and running. Yay! screen grab showing ammiki online shop

April 25, 2014

Marais, Paris.


Sometimes you just have to remember what you love – Some art from Pompidou



I had this urge to look through my photos, to remember my time at Pompidou art museum in Paris.  I just remember the excitement being in the gallery, it’s not the same looking at crappy Iphone photos. Being up close to the picutres, seeing the textures from the paint, the colours (which are no where near as amazing in person) is just a wonderful experience. The first painting is Pablo Picasso figure, vers 1927, which is interesting as I don’t like a lot of Picasso’s work. The second painting is Karel Appel, la promenade, 1950 and the last image is Hans Hartung, T. 1935 – 1, 1935.

April 22, 2014

Just some photos of the 7th district, Budapest, Hungary

pictures of budapest, hungary

Just some photos I took last year of Budapest, in the 7th district. It’s the cool hip part of Budapest which was known as the Jewish district before World War II and then during World War II the Jews were segregated to this area. After the war had ended the area fell into disarray. However, over the last few years it has become really popular and cool bars and pubs are popping up in the area, and rather than sprucing up the frontages of the buildings, they have kept the worn, graffiti, clad buildings and built around them to add character to the venues. They are called ‘ruin pubs’, basically setting up camp in ruined buildings. It’s rather cool.

April 21, 2014

Make art That Sells – Week 3 Assignment – Children’s Book Illustration


Oh this week as I predicted was a hard one for me, due to the pressure I put on myself. The brief was to design either a book cover or a two page spread on Aesop’s Fable, “The Fox and The Crow”. I think I struggled because I wanted to get my sweet whimsical nomuu illustrations into the design, and was trying to force them into the initial design, but they just didn’t suit the fable in my opinion . The fable has the fox as quite a cunning little guy (or girl)… trying to steal the cheese from the crow, by encouraging  and flattering the birds singing, and in-turn the bird drops the cheese. That doesn’t translate too well in my mind into sweet characters. That’s not to say you can’t create cute characters, but I just didn’t have the understanding on how to translate sweet characters into a mischievous tone. One thing about me, is I really try to stick to the emotion and feel of a story with characters, I find it very hard to picture the theme and then draw something completely out of sync. I just can’t seem to let go of making sure the characters work well visually with the story. Whether they actually do, is another story :)

The other issue I had was conveying emotion, facial gestures. This has not been my strong point and this really hit home with this assignment, and with my nomuu illustrations  I get away with one look, which is sweet and innocent, but as soon as I add other features to my characters like a mouth, it just loses its character. So because I am used to doing characters very simply, with very little facial features, I found it hard to draw eyes and lips and get them to look normal. As soon as I drew eyes on a character I didn’t know what to do with them. I need to learn more about facial gestures in characters. I mean there are thousands of different types of eyes you can create, and just a simple change in the stroke and the way the eyeball sites can make or break the character. Even a simple stroke for a mouth, is not that simple. I am not a technically trained illustrator, and I wonder how much this will impact me. I wonder if you can make it as a book illustrator without having the ability to draw detail and perspective well?

I spent so much time trying to understand fox characters, I drew a ridiculous amount of characters, below is just a small section. I mean I would say I did hundreds, mainly because I was trying to find the right feel in the character. I spent a whole day sketching foxes (yes a whole day).  I was starting off with cutesy characters, but they just didn’t feel like they worked for me and then I tried foxes that looked more like foxes, and they looked nice, but they look so sweet. So eventually I decided on this character, which incidentally I sketched very early on in the piece, and ditched it. The next morning I went back over what I had done, and I saw something quirky in him. I wanted something quirky, that could have simple facial features like my nomuu characters, but still a bit more mischievous, but not too much that you would  necessarily know that. I still incorporated my nomuu character style through the body and clothing.  I also wanted the fox character to look at the crow side on. I didn’t want the fox and the crow looking directly in front. I envisaged the crow being in the tree to the left (in the final designs) and did have him there initially, but it felt better to bring him down closer to the fox.


I didn’t concentrate too much on the crow character, I could of spent a lot of time on him as well, but I was a bit exhausted by the end of it and by that time I sort of knew it needed to match the foxes feel, so I didn’t take me too long. Perhaps the crow could of had more “character” but I think it was ok. I knew the crow, and the lettering of the title wouldn’t be too hard for me to put together, so I left them for later. The lettering took me really about 30 minutes, I didn’t look at any inspiration, I just did a few different lettering styles and found what worked well together.

I am also really happy I tackled the background a bit more. I never knew how to do subtle silhouettes in the background to add depth to a scene. I think for the first time I did pretty well. I admit, I took the outlines from a sketch from a while back. I keep resources on hand for this very reason, so I can use them in projects.

Colours were interesting. I went for a very light coloured theme initially, having a winters forest theme. I tried brighter colours, in the design earlier on (like the green design below). That may have worked too. I think perhaps the final design with the circle and the bright colour in the background may have been a bit of mistake, but I just pushed the design as far as I could. I think this is one the designs that I could go back and work on a little further. Sometimes there are just so many options and none a wrong per say, but you just have to make a decision in which way you want to go.


I jotted down some strengths and weaknesses I have learnt from this week.


I’m good at texturing, this is a big strength of mine

Pretty good with colour

Can do a wide variety of characters

Can do quirky characters

Have a good understanding of trends

Not too bad with lettering

Try to stay true to the story, take the story into consideration in my design



Easily confused with too many character ideas and can get obsessed

Not good with poses, eyes and facial gestures

Drawing perspective and shadows

Too rigid in my thinking, can’t let go of how I want things (which can be a strength at times)

Try to force things that don’t work together

Not very good at technical drawing