April 14, 2014

Make Art That Sells – Week 2 – Dinner Plates Assignment



Bottom two images, some initial concepts.

This weeks assignment  for the course ‘Make Art That Sells’ was quite challenging for me. I think I put up some roadblocks before it even began. The brief was to design dinner plates with the theme of ‘succulents’ and before I even started I wasn’t really feeling it. Succulents are lovely, but I don’t know I just couldn’t get into it. Perhaps because I had a busy week and I had less time to really concentrate on it. It’s funny how the subject matter can affect your designer mojo.

I sat down and based on my little talk to myself last week I roughly knew what direction I wanted to go in. So I stuck to my idea of the scandinavian, textural feel. I also wanted a abstract, collagy feel. I didn’t want it to be a detailed illustration and I did get there in the end, and I am happy with the results but…I have no clue how I got there – lol!

The one thing I find frustrating is just ‘winging it’ and  I felt like I winged it. Seriously,  I got muddled up in the beginning and somehow wanted to incorporate cute little characters (basically because I wasn’t feeling the ‘theme’), and so mucked around with that for a while. I then stumbled across some textures that I blended together and started to feel something nice happening there, proceeded to switch  off and on layers in Photoshop, accidently moved layers around, and found something that resembled something rather interesting…yes apparently moving around layers by accident can help! That’s what worries me, that sometimes I create things just by experimenting, with no real clue how I achieved the end result!

The final design was not exactly what I was envisaging, I was envisaging very rough shapes of succulents and  I had imagined I would of had many succulents in the design, but ended up just having one or two. The colours, were all intuitive, I didn’t walk into the brief with particular colours in mind, I just sort of went with what felt right. Not sure if that’s a good thing. I wonder if I really should train myself to use specific colours? I find it very hard to do that though. I feel like I am having a constant battle with my mind. Me wanting to do one thing, and my little brain wanting to do something completely different and I confess I just end up giving-in in the end and let my mind do whatever it wants. Whenever I fight it, it seems to be even harder.

I think again there was a lot of mind chatter with this assignment, too many ideas and directions and not knowing which way to turn. I hope I can tone that down a bit in the future.

This weeks assignment is childrens picture books and we need to draw foxes…and well can you imagine how I feel. Excited, so excited! Although I am already anticipating I will be putting a lot of pressure on myself with this assignment, because it’s a theme very close to my heart. So I want to ‘nail it’. Ohhhh the pressure! 

Update: It was very cool to get selected in Lilla’s picks. She thought my work would go well at Crate and Barrel. I was hoping Anthropologie, but I know it was a bit too bold for that market. They have a lot of painterly, watercolour look going on there at the moment, with sort of turkish inspired patterns. Her suggestion was to work on my logo area, which she also mentioned last weeks review. That’s not too bad. I know it was kind of plonked on, but hey Rome wasn’t built in a day 🙂 I did start creating some new signatures I just didn’t have time to work on it more. Something for this weeks assignment to get on top of. It was interesting to hear Lilla’s thoughts on the Land of Nod, and how even though it’s for the children’s market, they really are targeting adults with the artwork too, which makes sense as I am lucky enough to have my abstract work selling there at the moment. I then realised other people were buying my abstract work for bedroom nurseries too, which I would have never thought to do.

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